Bienvenidos a Mexico!!

Willkommen in Mexiko! In der Casa Elfrieda in Chan Chemuyil! Welcome to Mexico! At Casa Elfrieda in Chan Chemuyil! Bienvenidos a Mexico! En la Casa Elfrieda a Chan Chemuyil!


Chan Chemuyil is a charming community of mostly expats from the US and Canada. On four streets 234 single family homes can be found in the neighbourhood, which is protected 24/7 by police.

The neraby village of Chemyil is reachable by a short walk within 10 minutes. The village offers:

  • Laundry Service
  • Internet Café
  • Bakery and small grocery stores
  • 3 times a weeks there is a vegetable and fruit market
  • ATM Service
  • Restaurants and Pizzeria
  • Police Station
Costs for a Taxi back to Chan Chemuyil: MX Peso 50,-